NHL Team Goal Songs, Ranked

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30. Flyers- "Booyea"- Showtek

29. Devils- "Devils Rule" -Rich Andruska

28. Habs- "Le but"- Loco Locass

27. Kings- "I Love L.A."- Randy Newman +" Power Ride 2010"-Fred Coury

26. Maple Leafs- "Best Day of My Life" - American Authors

25. Lighting- "Fluxland"- Gaby D. Galstaun

24. Red Wings- "Hey Hey Hockey Town"

23. Blues- "When the Blues go marching in"- Organist

1st Intermission:

22. Oilers- "Stadium Love" -Metric

21. Hurricanes- "Song 2"-Blur

20. Sabres- "Song 2"- Blur (Tiebreaker: No random cartoon bits)

19. Jets- "Hell yeah"- Rev Theory

18. Predators- "I like it I love it"- Tim McGraw "Gold on the Ceiling"- The Black Keys

17. Canucks- "Gold on the Ceiling"- Black Keys

16. Sharks- "Rock and Roll Part II keyboard edition"

15. Flames- "Righteous Smoke"- Monster Truck

2nd Intermission

14. Senators- "Break Away" -CFO$

13. Capitals- "The Wicker Man"- Iron Maiden

12. Coyotes- "Howlin for you"- The Black Keys

11. Stars- "Puck Off"- Pantera

10. Avalanche- "Rock and Roll Part II" + "The Whip" -Locksley

9. Islanders- "Crowd Chant"- Joe Satriani

8. Wild- "Crowd Chant"- Joe Satriani (Horn Tiebreaker)

7. Panthers- "Out of my Mind"- Dropkick Murphys

6. Penguins- "Zombie Nation" Kernkraft 400

5. Bruins- "Zombie Nation" Kernkraft 400 (They had it first tiebreaker)

4. Rangers- "Slapshot"

3. Blackhawks- "Chelsea Dagger"- The Fratellis

2. Blue Jackets- "For those about to rock"-AC/DC + "The Whip" Locksley

1. Ducks- "Bro Hymn (Tribute)"- Pennywise


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