16.Flyers- "Light em up" by Fall Out Boy

15. Habs- "Le But" by Loco Lasses

14.Kings- "Bastardized Randy Newman Song"

13.Lightning- "Fluxland" by XL

12. Red Wings- "Hey Hey Hockey Town"

1st Period Intermission:

11. Sharks- "Rock and Roll Part 2 Synthesiser version"- Gary Glitter

9(tie). Penguins-"Rock and Roll Part 2"- Gary Glitter

9(tie). Avs- "Rock and Roll Part 2"- Gary Glitter

8. Stars- "Dallas Stars Fight Song??"- Pantera

7. Wild- "Crowd Chant"- Joe Satriani

2nd Period Intermission:

6. Blues- "When the saints go marching in"- Organist

5. Blue Jackets- "The Whip"- Locksley

4. Bruins- "Kernkraft 2000"- Zombie Nation

3. Blackhawks-"Chelsea Dagger" The Fratellis

2. Rangers- "Slapshot"

1. Ducks- "Bro Hymn"- Pennywise

End of Regulation: