NHL Playoff Team Goal Songs, Ranked

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Playoff Hockey!

16. Colorado Avalanche: Planet Funk “Chase the Sun”

15. Nashville Predators: Tim McGraw “I like it, I love it” Black Keys “Gold on the Ceiling”

14. Winnipeg Jets: The Phantoms “Gonna Celebrate”

13. Tampa Bay Lightning: Mona “Goons”

1st Intermission:

12. Washington Capitals: CFO$ “Combative

11. Saint Louis Blues: “When the Blues Go Marching in” + The Urge “The Blues have the Urge”

10. Las Vegas Golden Knights: Panic! At the Disco “Vegas Lights”

9. A Bunch of Jerks: Petey Pablo “Raise Up”

2nd Intermission

8. Dallas Stars: Pantera “Puck off”

7. Boston Bruins: Zombie Nation “Kernkraft 400" 

6. San Jose Sharks: 2 Unlimited “Get Ready For This”

5. New York Islanders: Joe Satriani “Crowd Chant”

3rd period/OT Intermission:

4. Pittsburgh Penguins: Andrew WK “Party Hard”

3. Calgary Flames: AC/DC “TNT”

2. Columbus Blue Jackets: AC/DC “For those about to rock” + Locksley “The Whip”

1. Toronto Maple Leafs: Hall and Oats “You Make My Dreams”

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