I have Lymphedema, (Thank God its in the legs and not in the scrotum, I can't even imagine how terrible that must be), a number of people like myself are just born with it, nothing really "causes" it, often times it doesn't even show up until your teenage years or later in life which causes some misdiagnosis from time… » 6/24/14 12:58pm 6/24/14 12:58pm

I know MacKinnon talk is all the rage these days(Parise had as many points and played fantastically both ways), but it should be noted the Wild dominated 6 of the 7 games against the Avs and won the season series against the Blackhawks (though obviously that doesn't mean much in the playoffs....but still) Minnesota is… » 5/01/14 1:23am 5/01/14 1:23am

What does being a Canadian have to do with anything? Does that make your opinions on the sport that much more valid then us Yanks? Last time I checked the US had four of the original six and nearly just as many hockey players come from the US as Canada. » 3/02/14 5:10pm 3/02/14 5:10pm

A lot of intentional ground penalties seem to be for more than 10 yards in my experience watching the game, yeah the "loss of down" is overstated, but it basically turns an in-completion into a sack, which is a much worse "penalty" for an offense then a hold. Teams are able to over come holds all of the time, sacks… » 2/25/14 6:27pm 2/25/14 6:27pm

I'm sorry, but this is the worst argument against WAR of all. WAR has it's issues (specifically when it comes to positional adjustments and defense IMHO) but your blanket statement and a bizarre analogy to Tebow is just minor league trolling at best. » 2/24/14 2:43pm 2/24/14 2:43pm