"Of course, with the way they dicked Harding around this summer before he finally signed an extension, it seems even the team doesn't really buy it."

This is 100% pure fiction.

Harding signed a 3 year deal back in 2012, he is under contract this year and is a UFA after the season.

You may have been referring to… » 10/08/14 2:06pm 10/08/14 2:06pm

correct when they traded for him his contract was up at the end of the year. It looked like he wouldn't have a shot to rejoin team this year with Harding, Backstrom (ugh) and Kuemper around. But once Harding broke his foot it created an opening. I could see him starting the season in Minnesota with Backstrom as his… » 9/30/14 11:13am 9/30/14 11:13am

Adding sports books to Atlantic City actually isn't a half bad idea, it will bring in a new type of customer and should help the remaining casinos stay afloat. Unfortunately this idea is about 20 years too late for AC though. There is just so much more competition now that prevents them from a real competitive… » 9/09/14 10:27am 9/09/14 10:27am

One note: the cars in the video aren't sprint cars, they are midgets, which oddly enough tend to be "safer" then the sprints in the Ward/Stewart incident. They are however in the same "family" more or less with the Sprints as they are both open wheel dirt racers, however there are several differences in regards to the… » 8/19/14 4:35pm 8/19/14 4:35pm

While Stewart certainly has shown a temper in the past, it should be noted that NASCAR history and recent history are full of these type of outbursts/disagreements/fights amongst many, many drivers including more of the top "nice guys" like Johnson, Gordon, Edwards and so on. Right or wrong it is the nature of the… » 8/10/14 12:59pm 8/10/14 12:59pm